Open source software is a vital component in the functioning of governments, large and small companies, and non-profit organisations all around the world. However, a lack of incentives for developers to work on open source renders many projects inactive.

FundRequest is a decentralised marketplace for open source software collaboration. It is a platform to fund software development and to reward community contributions using blockchain technology. Users receive monetary- and reputation-based rewards for solving issues in open source projects. The funds are transferred to the solver of the issue upon successful delivery.

Our vision is to create an open source platform for the community which runs decentralised and is developed, maintained and governed by the community. Our mission is to boost open source development and reward contributors in a fair and transparent way.

Businesses only pay for the support they need

Thanks to open source software, businesses save costs by accessing free code and online software (like on GitHub). They ask for changes or support but project maintainers are unable to follow through on the bulk of requests.

We help businesses to target the open source community and have them work on issues important to their business. This business model bridges the gap between a total lack of support and paying expensive licensing fees.

What’s in it for the developers?

Developers contribute to the community they love to maintain and get paid for it.

We can hear you thinking, isn’t open source software all about solidarity and contributing to a greater cause? We acknowledge this as a valid motion and add the option to donate funds to charity or to further support the open source project as a whole.

What makes FundRequest different from other freelancing platforms?

A seamless integration with existing platforms and communities. With our Github web plugin we reach out to 24 million active users with experience in 337 unique programming languages. While GitHub is our first integration it does not stop there, we offer a plug and play API that can be used by any platform and community.

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